The Global Art & Design Education Expo

-Srinidhi TR, 12B

The Global Art and Design education expo was organized on 15th October 2022 in Taj, MG Road at Bangalore. Various Art and Design institutes from The USA and UK participated and offered an assortment of programs. Parents and students with different pursuit attended this design workshop.

The event comprised of three different breakout sessions where university representatives and professionals presented to the audience their viewpoints and career opportunities in the field of art and design. The first session was on "Discover the future of Design, Technology and business innovation" by Mrs. Khushnam Mirza (Associative Director of admissions, SCAD). She gave insight into the future of different fields of design and their importance in the design industry.

The session was followed by an hour interval where students got to engage with the university representatives from Falmouth University (UK), Iowa State University (USA), College for Creative Studies (USA), and Savannah College of Art and Design (USA). The representatives disclosed the various courses offered by their universities and the eligibility criteria.

The second session commenced when Mr. Paul Briski (dept. chair of Graphic Design, Iowa Unversity) gave a brief talk on "Design and Cultural Semiotics". He introduced us to the basic concepts and ideas of Design and enlightened us on the various programs offered by Iowa University.

The third session, "Uniquely Brilliant: Thinking creatively to develop a Design Identity" was given by the professionals Deepika Govind (Designer and owner of the brand Deepika Govind) and Gaurav Monga (Author, Educator, and Creative thinker). In their talk, they shared their experiences and difficulties faced on their journey to become veterans in the design industry. They also exhibited their wonderfully curated work made with precision and gave us guidance on how to be confident with our work.

The expo was informative and added value to students interested in learning more about educational and career opportunities in the Art & Design space. Students were able to interact with Industry experts and leading institutions that offer programs in these fields and help them take a step closer to achieving their dreams.