CBSE National Reading Week

Reading stands as a foundational skill vital to both education and personal growth. In accordance with the directives of NEP 2020 and the CBSE Reading Mission, National Public School, Rajajinagar commemorated National Reading Week with a series of speeches delivered during special assemblies over the course of a week, highlighting the pivotal role of reading.

The week commenced with an interesting speech in Hindi, underscoring the enduring relevance of reading in today's digital landscape. Despite the prevalence of short attention spans and the allure of instant gratification, the act of reading remains profoundly significant. Subsequently, an English speech delved into the perspectives of notable personalities such as Warren Buffet, who have eloquently articulated the virtues of reading.

A special tribute was also extended to Shri PN Panicker, affectionately regarded as the pioneer of the Library Movement in India. His unwavering commitment to literacy propelled Ernakulum to achieve the historic milestone of becoming India's first 100% literate district in 1990.

Further reinforcing the value of reading, a captivating speech in Hindi skillfully interwove Shayaris to captivate the audience, explaining why individuals, including the successful and powerful of the world, continue to embrace books notwithstanding the pervasive influence of technology.

Overall, the week of reflections on reading has provided students with valuable insights, aligning with National Public School, Rajajinagar's agenda of instilling a reading habit among its students.