Student Testimonials

I like my school because the classrooms are very big, cosy and well ventilated. All the teachers are kind and teach very well. The playground is super huge and I love playing there. The school, has many buses too.

Suchir Jindal, VI - D

I like my school because of all the wonderful teachers and amazing friends and all the new things I get to learn. I like everything about my school especially when we have shows.

Diya Chulliyil Madhu, VI - C

I enjoy coming to school every day as we learn many new things. We have Scholastic as well as Co-scholastic activities. We make many friends. I also like my teachers, all my subjects and the fun activities such as P.T., Dance, Music, Art and Craft. We have school assemblies in which everyone participates, that’s why I like to come to school!

Aditi Vinay V - D

I like to come to school every day because I have lots of fun being with my friends. I also learn new things and the teachers give us exciting activities to perform. I love the games and sports we play during P.T. Every subject has different specialities English- writing process, General Science-Scrap book and Research work. My favourite place is my school. I don’t mind coming to school even in the summer vacation!!

Ritusri Kamala Kannan, V - A

I come to school to receive good education. My teachers are very kind and they teach me good manners. I can make many friends and learn many new things.

Nischal George, IV - B

I like my school because my teachers are very kind and cheer us when we are sad. They inspire us and give us confidence. School is fun and we learn many new things too!!

Anshu A Deshpande, IV A

I love to come to school because I learn so many new things every day. We have a big playground where we play many games. We have a reading corner and I can read many books. I also love drawing and colouring.

Pavan Rangaraj, III D

There are many plants and trees in my school and I love the greenery. The teachers teach very nicely. There is a big basket- ball court and a children’s play area too. My school is the best of all. The buildings look very nice too!!

Punya S Prabhu, III C

I like to come to school to study and play. I have lots of fun with my friends. I love P.T. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Computer Science on Thursdays.

Animesh Gupta, II - D

I like coming to school because I learn new things. We listen to stories and do many projects. I also love to study Math, English, EVS and Hindi. We do exercises too!!

Shrihan K Gopinath, II - C

NPS shapes the lives of many people. Our school develops us not only academically but also our personality. Visual and performing arts improves our co-scholastic skills, investigatory projects help improve our thinking skills and we develop as good human beings. I am proud to be an NPSite

Meghana Narayanan, X - C

I personally feel that our school encourages us to grow and excel in everything we do. They help us to thrive in a friendly at-home atmosphere and nurture us to become strong, able leaders of tomorrow. For me, my school is like a second home and my friends and teachers are like a second family.

Anchita G, VIII - D

My school is my second home. It is a centre for learning and excellence, where we are taught to set goals and reach out for them. Our school trains us to face all challenges in life while bringing out our best. They open doors to new horizons and give every student equal opportunities to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We have a wonderful set of teachers who make learning fun and memorable. All in all, school life is exciting and enjoyable.

Brinda Grama, X - A

I like the facilities provided by my school. They do not concentrate only on scoring well but give importance to developing our personalities as well. The teachers encourage us to think beyond the textbook.

Dhatri C, IX - A

My school being a co-ed school, imbibes in us tolerance and gender sensitivity. We have many modern facilities and excellent teachers. Our school is highly rated not only in Karnataka but also in India.

Sudha Kumaran, IX - D

I like coming to school, I have great fun with my friends. The teachers are cool and make learning enjoyable. The extra-curricular activities are very enriching as well.

Ananya Ramachandra, IX - C

The cradle of my childhood, a whetstone to hone my skills, an amphitheatre for my talents, a nurturing ground for my personal and moral growth, an outlet for expression and creativity, an incubator for innovative ideas, a second home, a source of inspiration….words are not enough when I start describing my school. Our school provides an academic environment that puts focus on thinking rather than on rote-learning, an extra-curricular scene that promotes all-round personality development and versatility and a culture of discipline that enables us to develop as good human beings. Full credit goes to the management, teachers and staff whose dedication and love for us is reflected in every aspect. No wonder my heart swells with pride to call myself a student of NPS Rajajinagar!

Ruhi Mitra, IX - C

The famous philosopher Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. It has been nearly a decade since I joined NPS; I already have so many memories – some really happy, others less cheerful, some funny! All these experiences have helped me evolve into the person I am today. Just like my family, my school too has helped me learn new things, not only academically, but also forge new friendships and develop good values. I look forward to many more years of learning new things and making more wonderful memories at NPS Rajajinagar!

Rahul Ramachandran, IX - D