Diamond Jubilee - Grades 6, 9 & 10

The young entrepreneur - market day

The morning of 22nd November had a festive feel to it. It was a day of celebration as the students entered the portals of the school, adorned in colourful attire. The young budding entrepreneurs of Grade 6 were in high spirits as they sold a variety of hand-made, eco-friendly products, showcasing their artistic and creative abilities. The parents wore a proud smile as they saw their little ones deftly marketing their products.

In the spotlight

The 9th graders were privileged to entertain the guests with their vibrant dances and enthralling street plays. The program commenced with the traditional”Samskrutha Samskruthi Taala Mela.”The audience tapped their feet and swung to the beats of the drums. The dance “Vandanam” and “Heroes” spread a wave of indefatigable energy in the audience. The two street plays which followed “Nukkad Natak-Badlav” and “Education beyond books”, left the audience spellbound and thoughtful, through their portrayal of social issues which continue to plague the society. The dance “Breathless” and “Swing Squad” mesmerized the audience with their flamboyant and graceful performance.

Khana khazana, the food stalls set up by the 10th graders, satiated the tingling taste buds with a variety of lip smacking dishes to savour.