Golden Jubilee - Grade 9 & 10


A voyage through every dimension of time, made through the eyes of the future ... showcasing the potpourri of cultures that our time has to offer ... the Puvaapara.

The year was 3010... a discover, a time capsule that opened a portal into the past. The journey began with a heartwarming invocation, succeeded by an equally captivating classical dance. “A Twist in a Tale”, a medley of music, dance and drama kept the audience on the edge of their seats with its indomitable wit and humour. A mime that followed was a silent yet profound expression of the evils of society. In its wake was Nrityavaibhava, a culmination of graceful dances that ranged from Kerala’s mohiniyattam to Assam’s bihu. The stage then lit up as our beloved fairytale characters came to life in “A Touch of Magique”, each telling their unique tale.

To spice things up, the vibrant energy, articulate footwork and the fast paced beats of the step dance took the stage. The audience was then transported to the land of the rising sun, swirling kimonos and dainty footsteps as NPSites showed them the wonders of oriental Japan. The fashion show, Avalokan, portrayed the evolution of fashion…..from the exaggerated coifs of the 60s to the latest couture gowns fresh off the runway.

Music has remained timeless and the segment “Yesterday was tomorrow” was an amalgam of hard rock with the traditionally melodious classical, while the NPS resident rock band Crimson Drift set the adrenalin of the audience pumping. Tastefully made videos propped up the show.

Purvaapara was undoubtedly a uniquely perfect metaphor for the excellence and jubilance that defines NPS.