Staff Picnic at Janapada Loka

The staff of National Public School, Rajajinagar, set out on a day's picnic to Janapada Loka, a cultural hub of Karnataka, in pursuit of relaxation and cultural enrichment. Janapada Loka, renowned for its vibrant display of Karnataka's cultural diversity through various art forms, welcomed the staff with traditional dance performances and garlands, setting a regal tone for the day.

Amidst the scenic surroundings, the staff indulged in an elaborate breakfast featuring a diverse array of Karnataka's culinary delights, including native specialties like Moode idly, Akki rotti, and Pineapple Kesaribath. The punctuality and discipline displayed by the staff or NPS Rajajinagar were noted by the organizers, adding to the commendable spirit of the day.

With a sumptuous breakfast, the staff members were taken on a walking tour of the Janapada Loka campus, that also served as an exercise in digestion. The tour of Janapada Loka's museums provided insight into the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka, showcasing rural household items, folk artefacts, and traditional vocations.

A hands-on experience with pottery making and roti making further enriched the staff's learning experience, through experiential learning. Traditional games and activities, accompanied by native drum beats and horse cart rides, added to the nostalgic charm of the day. Herbal concoctions or Kashaya and refreshing Ragi malt, provided the much needed break.

A traditional Karnataka lunch served on plantation leaves and copper utensils featured delicacies like Jolada roti, Holige, and masala butter milk, leaving everyone craving for more. Staff members were invited into the kitchen to learn the art of Jolada roti making and try their hands at the same. The post-lunch trip to a nearby toy factory at Chennapatna offered a glimpse into the intricate craft of wooden toy making, sparking childhood memories and souvenir shopping.

The day concluded with a captivating folk performance of Dollu Kunitha, igniting an impromptu and enthusiastic dancing among the staff despite the summer heat. As coffee and snacks brought the gastronomical journey to a close, the staff departed with cherished memories of a picnic that that be etched in memories for long to come.