AI Future Leaders Summit

Ms Neeru Madhu and Ms Tanusri Saha attended an event hosted by DPS North organized by 1M1B. The event was organized to understand the importance of responsible AI in education and to felicitate the winners of the AI generated projects by the students of various schools across India. There were two panel discussions. The first panel consisted of the guest speakers -Dr Biswajit Saha, Director, Skill Education, CBSE, Ms. Shipra Sharma, CSR Leader India, South Asia, IBM, and Mr. Darrin Farrant, Director of the UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan. The speakers shared their ideas and experiences about AI in the present times with the element of responsibility. The second panel discussion consisted of the students who have worked on the projects using AI for finding solutions to some of the grave environmental problems. These students had got an opportunity to pitch their projects at the UN session organized by 1M1B, in December 2023. The panelists spoke about the various aspects of their projects right from identifying the problem to finding a solution and incorporating AI in their projects.

The teachers could get an insight about how AI can be incorporated in the present curriculum and facilitate our students to get hands on experience and use AI in their projects. The focus of responsible AI is to create projects for sustainable development to achieve our SDGs as a nation.