CBSE Retirement Planning Workshop

On the 1st of June 2024, the faculty members of National Public School, Rajajinagar, participated in an insightful workshop facilitated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), focusing on the critical aspect of retirement planning.

The workshop spanned two hours, during which attendees delved into the significance of retirement planning and explored various financial instruments available in the market to help realize their retirement goals. The trainer Mr. Pandurang Patkar brought in his years of diverse experience and conveyed the message in simple language.

Notably, the session served as an eye-opener for many, elucidating the often-overlooked importance of retirement planning. The session also highlighted common errors committed in saving and investing, while also discerning the advantages of equity market investments.

A focal point of the workshop centred on mutual funds as a practical avenue for achieving financial goals, particularly through systematic investment plans (SIPs), emphasizing the importance of "sipping" towards financial health. Furthermore, the session touched upon the indispensable role of life insurance and focused on the necessity for adequate health insurance coverage.

To facilitate comprehension, illustrative examples of retirement planning across few age demographics were presented, considering inflation. Teachers were given an idea on how to estimate future expenses for a proactive approach to financial preparedness.

In a bid to address queries, a question answer segment was allocated towards the conclusion of the session.

In summation, the workshop proved to be an enriching experience, offering invaluable takeaways and reinforcing the significance of retirement planning.