Career Counselling - Ashoka University

On the 22nd of August, the students of grades 11 and 12 were fortunate to be part of a career counselling session conducted by a representative from Ashoka University, Haryana. With special emphasis on the world of liberal education, the session focussed on what makes Ashoka University stand out from the rest of the Indian universities and institutes.

Ashoka University looks way beyond rote learning and works towards developing life skills in their students. With a diverse and vibrant student body, affordable world-class education and the best professors (not only from India but also from Princeton and Harvard), this institute promises a holistic and exciting approach to learning.

The Undergraduate Program offered is vast and opens up numerous streams to its students (mathematics, science, literature, environmental studies, economics, mind and behavioural studies, etc). Following an in-depth dive into the undergraduate program, the representative elucidated on the process of admissions and entry into Ashoka University.

All in all, the session was educational and enlightening. It definitely encouraged the students to consider Ashoka University and liberal education as a whole for their future endeavours.