All eyes on IIIT

- Ananth (XI A)

After a rejuvenating summer break, even before the lunch boxes were opened, the Grade 10 students were treated to a thought-provoking session—a talk on the essential ingredients for gaining admission to India's preeminent IT institute, the esteemed IIIT – The Indian Institute for Information Technology. A much needed food for thought.

Srijan Chakaborty, an esteemed alumnus and a familiar face among students and staff, graced the stage to share his insights on the path to IIIT. What better way to commence the new academic year than with a captivating discourse on higher education in a renowned institution?

Srijan held the audience spellbound with his eloquent delivery, emphasizing the significance of quality education while underscoring the pivotal role of research in one's academic journey. A truly engaging session hinges on interaction between the speaker and the audience, and Srijan adeptly addressed the students' inquiries. His seamless flow of discourse ensured unwavering attention and fostered an invigorating atmosphere throughout.

National Public School, Rajajinagar has consistently produced students who are at the echelons of their academic pursuits, and witnessing a well-groomed alumnus return to his alma mater was nothing short of inspiring. Srijan's passionate explanation of his master's thesis resonated deeply with the students, evident from their heightened energy levels.

He expounded on the requirements to gain admission to IIIT, underscoring the significance of studying humanities in conjunction with the sciences. For students who have set their sights on careers in the scientific realm and its various domains, this talk served as an empowering catalyst.

National Public School, Rajajinagar thanks Srijan for his talk and wishes him all the best in his ongoing academic endeavors.