World Forest Day 2024

In continuation with the CBSE Board's commitment to nurturing environmental consciousness and fostering a sense of duty among young learners, the students of Grade 10C from National Public School, Rajajinagar, organized a special assembly aimed at promoting environmental awareness, their chosen area of performance was commemorating World Forest Day.

The assembly, which commenced with a customary welcome speech, featured a moving poem paying homage to the verdant expanses of our planet. Poetry, with its evocative language, serves to deeply engage the audience, evoking emotions and sparking the imagination.

Following the poetry recitation, the assembly showcased representations of various tribal communities residing in forests. Recognized as the custodians of the forests, these tribes imparted insights into their rich customs and traditions, enlightening the audience about their vital role in preserving our natural heritage.

Adding an enriching dimension to the program, a brief presentation spotlighted intriguing facts about forests, underscoring the imperative for collective efforts in safeguarding these invaluable ecosystems.

The culmination of the assembly witnessed the entire class coming together to sing Michael Jackson's "Heal the World," symbolizing a pledge to contribute towards creating a more sustainable planet for all.