World Environment Day 2024

On the sunny day of June 6th, 2024, the students of class 12B showcased their innumerable talents through a class assembly programme. In honor of World Environment Day, they performed a series of Environment-themed activities. They started off strong with festive compering and a thought-provoking speech on protecting our home- Earth. Up next, there was a short skit starring beloved cartoon characters from Doraemon! Packed with hilarious dialogue and committed acting, the students managed to deliver a profound message through light-hearted comedy. Soon after, the room started to fill up with rows of people ready to sing to their heart’s content. Delightful renditions from cherished movies that celebrated the environment such as ‘The Jungle Book,’ ‘Moana’ and more were performed, with a lively jig too! As the perfect finish, a short quiz with interesting and topical questions kept the audience deliberating and thinking Green.