World Earth Day 2024

Continuing the CBSE's initiative to instill environmental consciousness among the youth, Students of Grade 10D organized a special assembly on Earth Day. Earth Day, observed annually on April 22, serves as a global platform to advocate for environmental preservation. Originating in 1970, this day is now marked by various events worldwide, coordinated by The choice of April 22 stems from its significance as the onset of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the conclusion of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

To commemorate this occasion, the students commenced the assembly with a welcoming address, emphasizing the significance of Earth Day under the theme "Uniting for our one shared home." Following the welcome speech, the assembly featured a rendition of "Teri Mitti," a thoughtful song on patriotism and reverence for one's homeland and its resources.

Subsequently, a brief skit unfolded, shedding light on the challenges faced by our planet and the deteriorating quality of life. The skit ended in a collective pledge to preserve the Earth's invaluable resources. This was complemented by a student-led performance of the Earth Day anthem as released by the World Wildlife Fund, encouraging individuals to embrace conservation efforts.

As with any event, the assembly concluded with a closing speech, reinforcing the Earth Day 2024 theme and urging the audience to reflect on their shared responsibility in safeguarding the planet and its precious resources.