Valedictory Ceremony, 2023

On 2 March 2023, Valediction was held at NPSRNR where the day started with much anticipation with the welcome speech by the Vice Prefects. It was followed by a captivating dance by our school boys and girls. A tribute to the meticulous efforts by the seniors in various former victories was expressed with a seamless transition to the solemn Valedictory Ceremony itself.

The Valedictory Ceremony signifies the handing over and passing on responsibilities by the outgoing batch to the upcoming batch. It commenced with the flag handing-over ceremony with the school prefect handing over the school flag to the pair of vice prefects, followed by the house captains doing the same with their vice captains.

As a sequel to this, on 14 March 2023, the house points for the Senior Clubs were announced by Principal Ms. Malathy Narayan, where the school ground resounded with applause for the winning teams with Centaur house bagging the first place for the "House Cup". The "Marching Trophy" was taken by Phoenix house.

Ultimately, Valediction 2023 served the purpose of reigniting memories and strengthening the everlasting bond between the outgoing students and their juniors that will hopefully last forever.