Science Exhibition - Panch Tatva

The Science Exhibition- Panch Tatva Unveiled by the students of Grades 1 and 2 at NPS Rajajinagar on 2.12.2023 served as an engaging platform for the young scientists to showcase their curiosity and enthusiasm for the wonders of science.

The event was a fascinating exploration of the five fundamental elements of earth- AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and SPACE incorporating hands-on activities and interactive projects. The students took pride in presenting their individual / group projects. Through visual aids, models and creative displays, they showcased their understanding of various scientific phenomena. The students spoke eloquently, expressing their passion for science and demonstrating a keen interest in sharing their knowledge with others. From explaining the water cycle to demonstrating the properties of air and fire, the students captivated their audience with hands-on presentations. They encouraged visitors to participate in simple experiments and hands-on activities related to their projects. An integral part of the expo was the roleplay segment and dance presentation, where students creatively embodied the characteristics of each element.

Parents were impressed by the enthusiasm and confidence displayed by their children while explaining their projects. They also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gain insights into their children's understanding of scientific concepts and the curriculum. The event was a remarkable success, combining educational exploration with creativity and interactive learning which strengthened the school-home partnership in nurturing a love for learning.