NPS Rajajinagar's Internship Program

In a bid to impart practical knowledge and real-world experience, National Public School, Rajajinagar, in collaboration with the Scholastic Book Company organised an internship programme for its students. This initiative saw students participating in a program that proved to be both enlightening and enriching.

The internship program was meticulously designed to provide students with a hands-on understanding of various facets of business, including promotion, marketing, stall layout, and merchandising. Rather than confining learning to textbooks and classrooms, NPS Rajajinagar chose to expose its students to the intricacies of real-world commerce.

The outcome of this immersive learning experience was seen during the school's Artventure event. Here, they put into practice all that they had absorbed during their training. Their mission was clear: set up a book stall, not merely as a physical presence but as a vibrant hub of literary exploration.

More than forty students eagerly registered their names for the internship program. All interested students participated in a rigorous written test that featured case studies related to marketing and promotion. After careful evaluation, nine outstanding students emerged as the best, earning their place in the internship program.

The nine young minds were Tia Salian 9A, Jahaan Kukreja10A, Pranav Kabadi S 10B, Anirudh S 10C, Eshanika Kapoor 10D, Arnav Satish 11A, Samanvitha S 11B, Tanusha Agarwal and Aadya Merathia 11C. The students’ responsibilities included assisting parents in choosing the right books for their children and guiding visitors through the intricacies of the stall layout. They were hands-on in helping customers with their purchases, ensuring a smooth and pleasant checkout experience.

The outcome of this program was not limited to the successful execution of a school event. It transcended into a learning experience for each student involved. The theoretical knowledge they had acquired now had practical applications, and they grasped the significance of adaptability, customer interaction, and teamwork in a real-world context.