BriBooks Summer Book Writing Festival

National Public School, Rajajinagar was nominated by Education World to participate in the BriBooks Summer Book Writing Festival with NDTV and Disney as media partners. During the event, the students learnt different aspects of writing, publishing, promoting and selling books from some of the best global authors and storytellers. The students then used the AI enabled bookwriting platform of BriBooks to write and publish their books, allowing them to get ISBN that is issued by the Ministry of Education. The following students took this opportunity that culminated in getting their books published:

Name of the Student Class/Section (2022-23) Title of the Book Published
Pranavi Mehrotra 7A The Dream about Dreams
Riddhi Srinivas 7A Twin Trouble
Sahana Sandeep 7B The LA Girls
Dhruti B 7B The Imperial City
Anmol Saroop 7B Hominid Alters
Anika Shetty 7B Down the Bandit’s Tunnel
Nischay G 7C Victory of Good over Evil
Aditya Narayan 7D Clever Boys of the Forest
Stuti P 7D Element Saviors
Eva Rai 8A Do Not Open this Book!!!
Shivani R P 8A One Fine Morning….
Ahana U Bhat 8B Gyooki the Kitten