Vikram and Betal – An Ancient Wisdom Remix (Grade 11 Annual Day)

National Public School Rajajinagar recently celebrated the Grade 11 Annual Day with a customary theatrical performance. This year, the spotlight was on dramatizing a classic Indian tale, the legend of King Vikramaditya and Betal. However, the performance featured a contemporary twist as the stories of Vikram and Betal were ingeniously adapted to give it a modern context. Aptly titled "Vikram and Betal: An Ancient Wisdom Remix," parents were treated to a timeless journey as the characters transitioned into the modern world.

The captivating performance comprised four tales, each presenting dilemmas that probed questions of ethics and values, with King Vikramaditya providing sagacious solutions. As parents followed their journey through various eras and settings, the stories addressed not-so-ancient problems that resonated with the challenges of the current generation.

The inaugural story, "The Reward of Life," harked back to a bygone era, focusing on Princess Indumati's Swayamvar, where suitors faced challenging tasks. Betal's riddle, presented at the story's culmination, served as a transition point, catapulting Vikram into the contemporary world for subsequent acts, through time travel, an occurrence orchestrated by Betal.

In the second tale, "The Weight of Guilt," a gripping murder mystery unfolded around the demise of businessman Harry Wilson, exploring its transformative impact on those close to him.

"The Creator's Harvest," the third story, delved into a riveting narrative of greed, deception, and ultimate downfall. The act unravelled the delicate balance between revenge and redemption, of family ties and the consequences of avarice.

The final act, "The Musicians' Dilemma," centered on a close-knit music band faced with a tempting offer from a prominent production company. With the company able to accommodate only one musician, conflicts arose as friendships were tested. Could their bond withstand this trial of strength?

This unique production by Grade 11 students masterfully captured the essence of the original legend while infusing a modern twist. National Public School Rajajinagar, by providing a platform for students to showcase their talents, continues to fulfill its mission of bringing out the best in its students.