Market Day 2023

National Public School, Rajajinagar, embraced the spirit of making a difference yet again, with its annual Market Day held in December, guided by the compelling motto, "Come, buy, and make a difference!" The focal participants in this impactful event were the diligent Grade 6 students, who, for the occasion, assumed the role of entrepreneurs.

Initiated by Vice Chairperson Dr. Bindu Hari, this program has been designed with the goal of fostering resilience, confidence, and an entrepreneurial mind-set in the students. The program unfolds in five distinct stages—initiation, planning, pitch deck presentation, and production. Mirroring real-world entrepreneurial processes, students research sustainable, eco-friendly products to make and sell. They then present their ideas to parents, seeking capital for production, closely aligning with the way entrepreneurs operate in the business world.

Ultimately, the program culminates in Market Day, a practical demonstration of the students' entrepreneurial skills and the application of business concepts learned throughout the initiative. Some of the handcrafted items presented during the event were Resin Alphabet Keychains, Decorated Paperclips, fridge magnets and brooches among others.

Named Curio City, the event transformed the school's playground into a vibrant marketplace with stalls showcasing students' creations. Visitors, including parents, teachers, and enthusiasts, eagerly explored a variety of well-crafted products, making numerous purchases. Some stalls offered games that tested visitors' skills in agility, precision, and grit.

To please parents and visitors, strategically placed food stalls offered hygienically prepared homemade delicacies. The menu included grilled sandwiches, muffins, nachos, and Podi idlis for those with traditional tastes, complemented by an assortment of juices.

Adding depth to the event is its philanthropic purpose. The proceeds from Curio City will be directed towards an organization engaged in social service and charity. This tradition of selecting a beneficiary organization is a longstanding commitment of the school.

This initiative harmonizes seamlessly with National Public School's vision of nurturing socially responsible learners with values and integrity, to contribute meaningfully as global citizens.