Teaching the under-privileged

I have always loved teaching kids. Whether it is math or science, I am always ready to help them learn something new. I recently got an opportunity from Ms. Nandini J – a teacher at NPS Rajajinagar and a part of the ‘i Love To Care (India) Charitable Trust™’ - to go spend some time with a few kids of various grades at an orphanage. I’ve taught them concepts for almost 15 hours, ranging from simple long division in math to rotation and revolution of the Earth. Even though I am not that fluent in Kannada, I have taken it up as a challenge to make sure that they completely understand what I’m saying. Usually after an hour or so of teaching, I play cricket or carrom with them. Once I took some of my jenga blocks as a target and a ball to knock them down. I never knew that they would extract so much joy out of such little things! This experience has truly made me feel grateful for all the small things I have in life. I have made it my mission to ensure that people from such backgrounds are not neglected in our society!

T. K. Karthik – XII A