Teachers' Day

This day holds special significance to students every year, when they take time off to show gratitude, love and appreciation to what teachers mean to them. In this year, 2020, it multiplied ten-fold, as they celebrated Teachers Day with a special video acknowledging the extra mile that teachers have gone to make learning possible for them. A speech, a poem and a parody skit portraying their favourite teachers summed up their overwhelming respect for the teaching community. The students from primary school were not far behind, as they posted meaningful messages for the stars of the day – their teachers.

The teachers also got together for an evening of fun and games, with a virtual Scavenger Hunt, a quiz, songs and dances. The teachers expressed their thanks to the management for their generosity and foresight in planning the difficult year by imparting appropriate training. The event managed to motivate teachers to give it their all for their profession.