A Seed Ball Preparation Workshop: Throw And Grow!

An interactive workshop organised by the school on 24 July, introduced the students of Grade 5 to the wonderful world of gardening through a fun activity of preparing ‘seed balls’. To prepare the students, I Love to Care, India joined hands with Green Group and started off the session with a brief introduction of the present activity for the cause of environment conservation. In the training session, topics like the need for making seed balls, how to prepare them and how to execute the project independently were discussed.The students learnt to prepare the mixture and the procedure for future use.

The workshop aimed at providing green education to the students and also encouraged the students to kick off the monsoon season in an eco-friendly way. The entire activity was a huge success as one could say- Just a small ball made of black soil, manure and some seeds was actually the promise every child will hold in his hand for a Green World to come…Over all, it was a fun workshop with a lot to learn and follow.