SAPA Dance Workshop 2022 (Grades 3 to 7)

SaPa (Subramaniam Academy for Performing Arts) held a workshop for children ‘Music Meets Dance’ on the various dance forms of India, on 7th December 2022. The resource person was Ms. Babina Taorem a Bharatanatyam and Manipuri exponent.

Ms. Taorem began the session with an invocation to the stage goddess. Next, she reiterated the connect between dance and music, gejje or anklets and gave an insight on correct posture in dance. The session also dealt with hastha mudras pertaining to animals and insects, abhinaya/ expression and tala/rhythm. The significance of feelings or navarasas was also touched upon.

Finally, through an interactive session of simple exercises and movements; she transformed a few steps into a small song and dance session. Thus, children were introduced into the world of classical fusion dance. They thoroughly enjoyed the fun activities that tested their flexibility and also experienced the joy of togetherness!