Futurum Est Manibus

The sixth edition of R-NPSMUN was held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August 2022. An air of exuberance, anticipation and camaraderie was prevalent as 230 elegantly dressed delegates walked with confidence, all set to play their roles in the Model United Nations to perfection.

The event was inaugurated with an invocation song, followed by the welcome address by Principal, Ms. Malathy Narayan. The Secretary General then declared the session open, consequently introducing the members of the Secretariat and the Executive Board.

The 5 committees, which included the United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Emergency Meet, Indian Constituent Assembly of 1948, The Sonnenberg Summit (Futuristic Crisis Committee) and the International Press Corps, each had challenging and exciting agendas. The delegates were engaged in three days of passionate debate and deliberation, drafting directives and coming up with creative solutions in their resolutions, all the while defending their stance as diplomats with responsible portfolios to live up to. The Press put up their best performance covering the mind-boggling crises and questioning and grilling delegates on all vital current affairs until even the best of them gave in.

The Executive Board comprising students from Grades 10 to 12 all played their role to the best of their abilities. The Secretary General Dhruti Deshpande, Director General Vishal Rao, Heads of Organising Committee, Heads of Logistics, the tech team, the Chairs and Vice chairs of each committee under the expert guidance of experienced alumni, teachers of the MUN club and events committee, worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure the smooth functioning of this mega event.

With fierce competition, deciding on the winners was a challenging task. The awards ceremony announced the Best, Outstanding and Commendable delegates, along with the Best first-timer, best position paper, and special mentions. The trophy for the best delegation was bagged by NPS HSR. The Secretary General then formally brought the proceeding to a close at the end of the session. The 3-day educational and wholesome simulation of the United Nations forged new friendships and ties, while also providing a great platform for learning the art of diplomacy.