Percipere 2022

The Commerce department of NPS Rajajinagar organized its first ever interschool commerce fest, Percipere, on Monday, January 10, 2022. This single day fest was organized exclusively for commerce students, designed to inspire ideas and discussions that help them make decisions, improve their confidence and create a better structure to succeed at what they put their minds to.

The fest, with the multitude of twists and turns had five events which were - Bulls and Bears, that gave an insight on how the stock market works, Optimum Sit Amet, which gave an opportunity to develop managerial skills, Mega IPL auction, that taught them to be decisive, The Devil’s Advocate, for the rhetorician and Tesoro Caccia, a hunt for the end.

Principal Ms Malathy Narayan inaugurated the fest and delivered an inspiring address to the participants and declared the event open. The competitions were well contested by the participants and well-judged by proficient judges who were proficient in their fields.

The events were all conducted simultaneously. The formal and reserved tone of Optimum Sit Amet went in contrast with the fast-paced spirit of Mega IPL Auction. At the same time, the exhilarating Bulls and Bears brought about liveliness and the Devil’s Advocate invoked fierce arguments leaving everyone intrigued. Towards the end, the excitement of Tesoro Caccia added impetus to the grand finale. The results were announced by the event heads and the program concluded with a vote of thanks.