“Good Morning! Our experiment is on Refraction of Light and we are here to demonstrate that light bends when it travels from one medium to another”. This was a 1st Grader speaking to parents and visitors at Panorama at National Public School, Rajajinagar, on Saturday, 7th January 2017.

‘Panorama’ saw the 1st and 2nd Graders coming together to put on their mini-scientist caps, and revolved around the theme of ‘Nature’ – a potpourri of various elements of nature from plants, air and water to light, sound, soil, food and even colours!

Panorama had something for everyone – a Science exhibition replete with LIVE demonstrations of experiments, a display of all the creative work put in by the children – be it hands - on activities, creative writing pieces or art and craft work! To add a little zing to the day, the children entertained the guests through a dance-drama on the good ol’ Little Red Riding Hood, one of the most loved tales of all time! Red Riding Hood not only sang and danced her way to her grandma in the woods, but also gave a lesson or two on conservation of Nature!

The students left no stone unturned to bring this beautiful event together and make it one to cherish for many more years to come!