Environment Day 2016-2017

Report on Environment Day Students of Grade XII organized and participated in an assembly to observe World Environment Day on 9th June 2016 bringing to light the growing need for conservation. The theme for the current year ‘Let’s Celebrate Nature’ was brought out very poignantly at a thought provoking assembly.

Through a mime and a graceful dance, issues depicting rising environmental concerns-conservation of wildlife, ban on illegal trade of animal goods, conservation of water to name a few were dealt with. ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson was sung very melodiously by the grade XII choir. A persuasive speech urging everyone to do their bit for this cause made them think about their duties. The students showcased the stark reality of the present and future, if humans do not change their behavior and lifestyle immediately. Solutions on how to make our earth a better place were also presented. Handmade badges and wrist bands depicting the theme were distributed to all while colourful posters brought out the message very subtly.