NPS MUN 2020

The fourth edition of R-NPSMUN and the first online MUN was held on the 10th and 11th of September 2020. Five committees, 14 Executive Board and 6 Secretariat members, 120 students as delegates from Grades 8-12 took part enthusiastically in enlightening sessions of discussion and debate.

The event was inaugurated with the customary lamp lighting by Chief Guest and alumnus of NPS-RNR Akarsh Shroff and the principals. The welcome address by Principal Ms Malathy Narayan was followed by Secretary General Anjana Palamand declaring the session open and introducing the members of the EB and Secretariat. Even though most of the delegates were first timers, they adapted to the ever-changing situation with informative debates, a grueling Press conference by the IPC and the Secretary General. The highlight this year was the Midnight Crisis Committee held from late night on 10th until the early hours of 11th September. The delegates displayed their consensus building and lobbying skills to get the required votes to pass their resolutions, making the sessions informative and fruitful.

R-NPSMUN 2020 concluded with an award ceremony for the best delegates and words of appreciation and encouragement from Mentor Principal Ms Sumitra Das and Principal, Primary school Ms Mini Jayan. The Secretary General brought the proceedings to a close formally at the end of the session.