Mano Darpan: World Mental Health Day

National Public School, Rajajinagar, observed World Mental Health Day, aligning with the 2023 theme, "Mental health is a universal human right." The school's commitment to mental health was evident throughout the day's activities. The school assembly provided a platform for the Pastoral Coordinator to address the students. Emphasizing the significance of mental health on par with physical well-being, students were given valuable insights on maintaining mental fitness. The message of openly sharing concerns in the face of mental disturbances was strongly emphasized.

Furthermore, National Public School actively participated in a mental health survey facilitated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This involvement was the school's commitment to data-driven approaches in addressing mental health challenges. This was a part of the CBSE’s Manodarpan initiative.

An interesting PowerPoint presentation was prepared by the Pastoral Coordinator to the teaching staff. The presentation not only underlined the significance of mental health but also included a pre-session and post-session task, to ensure an interactive experience.

Teachers took part in a poster making activity with the theme – Happy Staff, Happy School, Happy Spaces, Happy Students. The theme emphasised the need for mental well-being of each person so that everyone around may enjoy positive mental health.

It is evident that mental health holds a prominent place in the school's vision, with significant efforts made to nurture the mental well-being of both students and staff alike. National Public School, Rajajinagar, gives emphasis on mental health as an essential aspect of a holistic education.