Little Brigade 2020-2021

Preparing the children for the Corona Pandemic has become the need of the hour. Dr. Bindu Hari’s initiative to raise awareness on Covid-19 amongst children witnessed an enthusiastic participation from the tiny tots of NPS, Rajajinagar in an engaging dance drama titled, ‘The Little Brigade Act’ through the virtual mode.

The tiny tots attired in colourful costumes delivered a panoply of spectacular performances comprising speeches, song rendition, enactment, dance performance, bringing out the essence of preparedness and safety during this pandemic. The curtains came down with the much-awaited ‘arrival of vaccine’ to combat corona. The interest and energy level displayed by the students were high as they performed with much conviction displaying their inherent talents. The dedication, patience and efforts displayed by the parents and teachers in crafting a perfect event left everyone with some melting moments. It was indeed a rich learning experience, helping to brave all uncertainties with a positive outlook and hope.