KG Karnataka Rajyotsava, 2023

On November 9, 2023, National Public School embarked on a delightful journey to celebrate Karnataka Rajyotsava with its adorable kindergarten students. Teachers adhered to a dress code representing the Karnataka flag, donning shades of yellow and red. The theme for the day was ‘Karnataka: One state - many worlds’. A PowerPoint presentation was deployed to shed light on various aspects of Karnataka, including prominent personalities, freedom fighters, rivers, architecture, writers, poets, forests, wildlife, Kannada script, and spiritual places. The air was alive with melodies as teachers engaged the students in a collective singing session, reinforcing the cultural significance of Karnataka. A student took the stage to articulate insights about Karnataka in a brief speech. The event concluded with the rendition of the state anthem, echoing pride and unity. Beyond a one-day celebration, the school plans to extend the exploration and understanding of Karnataka throughout the month, emphasizing a prolonged educational engagement with the state's history and cultural heritage.