KG Green Day, 2023

“Think Green, Live Green, and Love Green” was reinforced at the ‘Green Day’ celebrations at NPS RNR on 16 September 2023 by the kindergarten 2 students. The environment had the vibe of the theme as the excited students, enthusiastic parents and passionate teachers were immersed in vibrant shades of green.

The young hearts enthusiastically planted seeds in the lush environment, nurturing a future vegetable garden. With unwavering dedication, these eager minds engaged in a variety of activities connected to the topic while promising to observe the growth of their green friends over time. The budding performers delivered a song and a powerful skit, conveying the invaluable lessons of ‘Saving Trees’ and ‘Care for Mother Earth’.

Students and parents joined hands to create an art activity of a tree with their palm cut-outs.

With an inspiring oath ceremony, our little ones, alongside their loving parents and committed teachers, pledged to protect our priceless plants and fight for the rights of Mother Earth.