KG Dussehra, 2023

Kindergarten students at National Public School, Rajajinagar lit up the auditorium with joy on 12th October, celebrating the spirit of Dussehra. The young students adorned themselves in ethnic attire and were proudly flaunting themselves through the day. They watched a captivating story connected to the festival which enhanced the essence of Dussehra. The teachers gave an informative talk on how Dussehra is celebrated in different states. Students enjoyed dancing to the tunes of a popular garba song. As a hands-on activity, the children engaged in coloring a picture of Durga Ma. The artistic expressions of the young minds were displayed in their classrooms. Students were also encouraged to share their thoughts on the festival and how they celebrate uniquely in their homes. Overall, the Dussehra celebration was a delightful blend of cultural learning and festive joy, leaving a lasting impression on our young learners.