Celebrating The Glory Of Karnataka

Kannada Rajyotsava and Kanakadasa Jayanthi

Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated with great enthusiasm during the morning assembly. This online event showcased their talent and exhibited their love for our beloved state by enthusiastically participating in a gala celebration. The program began with a prayer to Goddess Sharade. The audience was treated to melodious songs like Karunada thayi sada chinmayi, Kalladare naanu belurina gudiyali iruve, jenina holeyo, etc. The rich history of Karnataka was depicted by the students through role play of famous Kannadigas. The amazing facts of Karnataka added to the knowledge of the audience. The students were able to spread the fragrance of Kannada language with their spectacular janapada dance performance which left the audience spellbound. The ceremony ended with the Kannada Anthem. The flag of Karnataka (Turmeric and Kumkum - yellow and red colours that signify forgiveness and bravery respectively) lit up everyone’s screens. Role play and songs brought out the magnificence of the saint poet Kanakadasa, showing his glorious contribution to the people with his noble thoughts. The event generated a sense of pride in the minds of the audience for being part of a culture that is so rich and vibrant.