International Yoga Day & World Music Day, 2023

The International Day of Yoga and The World Music Day were joyously celebrated at National Public School, Rajajinagar, in the school ground. The festivities commenced with an inspiring speech delivered by our young and enthusiastic students, shedding light on the significance of yoga, its multitude of benefits, and its profound impact on our well-being. The speech also focused on the importance of tradition with life lessons from the Holy Bhagavad Gita and it set the tone for an eventful day ahead.

To showcase the physical prowess and discipline fostered by yoga, the primary grades enthralled the audience with a well-orchestrated yoga performance. The young talents gracefully demonstrated various postures, leaving everyone inspired and motivated to take up Yoga practise.

Following the breath-taking display of yoga, a short yet profound skit took centre stage, illustrating the transformative power of yoga in maintaining focus and warding off distractions. The narrative revolved around a young girl who initially found herself consumed by the allure of digital devices, consequently impeding her ability to concentrate on her studies. The skit ingeniously depicted the girl’s journey towards self-discovery, highlighting how the practice of yoga eventually enabled her to regain her focus and excel academically.

Continuing the celebration, the middle and high school students took the spotlight and showcased their mastery of various asanas, that could be practised by all. With poise and precision, they demonstrated a range of yoga postures accessible to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, emphasizing the inclusivity and versatility of this ancient discipline.

Transitioning to the World Music Day festivities, students from grades IV to X graced the stage, enchanting the audience with melodious renditions of well-known Indian Classical songs. Their performances were a testament to the rich cultural heritage of our nation, and the students' dedication to preserving and promoting our musical traditions. The famous Boat Song was also sung by students of Grades 4 and 5 in English and Malayalam.

To add a modern twist to the celebration, the choir took centre stage and presented a delightful medley of songs composed by the legendary artist, Freddy Mercury. The captivating melodies resonated with the audience, evoking a wave of applause at the venue.

As the event drew to a close, a collective sense of unity and harmony enveloped the gathering. The entire school community, comprising students and teachers alike, united in a mass yoga activity, engaging in pranayama exercises. This collective display of breath control and mindfulness served as a powerful reminder of the unifying force that yoga possesses.

In conclusion, the celebration of the International Day of Yoga and World Music Day at National Public School, Rajajinagar was a success, leaving an impression on all attendees. The speeches, yoga performances, a thought-provoking skit, stirring musical renditions, and the collective practice of yoga created an atmosphere of joy and cultural appreciation. This event, cherished by both teachers and students alike, serves as a testament to the school's commitment to holistic education and the promotion of physical, mental, and artistic well-being within its community.