Guest talk - Oral Health and Hygiene

On 3rd November 2023, the young and curious students of National Public School, Rajajinagar were treated to a delightful and informative guest lecture on ‘Oral Health and Hygiene’. The special guests for the day were Dr. Siddarth Arya and Dr. Sparsha L Mane, both accomplished dentists, who presented their insights on the topic ‘We Love Teeth’. It was delivered in a child-friendly and engaging manner. The dentists used a variety of techniques to capture the children's attention and keep them involved throughout the session. One of the highlights of the lecture was the hands-on experience using denture models to demonstrate the structure of teeth, explaining how many teeth we have, their various functions and the proper way to brush teeth. The children were fascinated by the hands-on approach and eagerly participated in the interactive session. It was indeed an enriching and educational experience for our learners and will undoubtedly contribute to their dental well-being in the future.