Environment Day, June 2021

Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th, it’s a day on which we bring all of mother nature’s eminence to light. This year was no different, the students of grade 12 came together to showcase their love for the environment through artistry and rendition. The spectacle involved meticulous planning, writing, filming and editing. The event, themed “Ecosystem restoration”, began with a humorous jive between the two hosts Anirudh and Devarajan. The floor was then passed on to Ruchita who educated the audience about the ecosystem and its paramountcy to us, through stunning visuals and powerful words. The consequences of our negligence were evinced through an eye-opening skit performed by talented actors. The devotion and admiration for mother nature was expressed through a musical performance and a dance. To portray that actions speak louder than words, the student community displayed their modest pieces of nature with lively tunes. The program concluded with an alluring scene depicting nature's charm through vibrant hues created by Yamini. The event reminded us about the biosphere’s goodness, beauty and flair. It reminded us to be in eternal awe of its ever creating and ever-changing attribute. It reminded us to start caring and stop ignoring, because if we don’t, we won’t be able to prevail.