Dussehra Celebration 2023 (Primary Years)

Dussehra is a joyous festival that unites the states across India, showcasing the rich diversity in culture and tradition. This vibrant occasion serves as an embodiment of the timeless theme of victory of good over evil. The celebration is marked with various rituals and festivities. NPS Rajajinagar organized a memorable Dussehra celebration that brought students, teachers and the entire school community together.

The program was organized by the students of Class 5A on 27.10.2023. The celebration began with the mesmerizing strains of devotional songs that captured the essence of Dussehra by invoking divine blessings and narrating the timeless epic of Lord Rama's triumph over Ravana. The celebration was a splendid spectacle of vibrant culture, with the energetic and colorful Dandiya dance taking center stage. Students enthusiastically embraced this traditional dance form, infusing the event with exuberance and festive spirit.

Dussehra is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm throughout India, with varied customs and traditions. The celebration took an exciting turn as students showcased their creativity and fashion sense in a spectacular ramp walk event. This unique fusion of fashion and festivity added a contemporary twist to the traditional celebration. Each student, while on the ramp, not only displayed their attire but also took the opportunity to articulate their thoughts and feelings about Dussehra. The event concluded with the collective chanting of shlokas, creating a serene and sacred ambience. The verses recited contained moral and ethical lessons that are integral to the Dussehra narrative.

This program was witnessed by the parents of 5A who appreciated and applauded the students for the wonderful showcase of their creativity, teamwork and dedication.