Dasara and Diwali celebrations 2023

Students of Grade 7 presented a special assembly to highlight the significance and values of cultural festivals – Dasara and Diwali. The programme began with a speech highlighting the importance of Dasara and the different types of celebrations that take place across the country. The students sang ‘Mahalakshmi Namostute’ in praise of Goddess Mahalakshmi followed by a famous Kannada song ‘Love you Mysuru’. A Kannada speech and a Hindi poem explained the festivities that are followed during Diwali. The audience were enthralled by a Bharatnatyam performance depicting the Roudra Roopam of Goddess Durga and Kathak dance performance which mirrored the beauty of peaceful form of Goddess Durga. A short skit was performed by the students with glimpses of the origin of the 3 days of Diwali.