Children’s Day 2023

National Public School Rajajinagar celebrated Children's Day with an array of captivating events planned and executed by the faculty.

The assembly witnessed the teachers’ choir singing the school prayer and a special song to celebrate children. A speech highlighted the importance of values fostered by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru in his letters to his daughter Indra, wherein he expressed that children are the hope of a bright future for the world.

Further, an adorable quiz named "TWACT" (Teacher was a Child too) unfolded, requiring students to discern their teachers' identities from snapshots of their younger selves. The engaging activity fostered a delightful sense of connection between students and educators. The next event saw a flipped version of Shark Tank, themed around the animated movie Finding Nemo. Teachers creatively pitched unique and offbeat products to a panel of investors who portrayed characters from the movie —Nemo, Jacques, Dory, and Bubbles.

The celebration continued with a wonderfully choreographed dance performed by the teachers. Set to foot tapping tunes it entertained the students and kept the energy levels high. The event concluded with a choir of teachers singing a specially written song for Children's Day on the playfulness and uniqueness of children and highlighting the special bond between them and the students. The students were given a small memento as a keepsake to cherish this special day.