International Day of Biodiversity 2024

The students of Grade 10B, from National Public School, Rajajinagar, hosted a special assembly today dedicated to raising awareness about environmental conservation, with a focus on the International Day of Biodiversity. The assembly commenced with an interesting dance performance highlighting the significance of trees and the urgent need to preserve them.

Following the dance, the audience was treated to an exhibition of artwork depicting the essence of the assembly's theme. Through paintings and drawings, students creatively expressed their reflections on biodiversity and its importance.

A thought-provoking skit portraying the detrimental effects of human activities on biodiversity, particularly deforestation, was presented. This short but thoughtful performance served as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect the natural world.

A student delivered a brief but insightful speech, offering practical suggestions on safeguarding biodiversity for future generations. The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks, underscoring the significance of the day's theme and expressing gratitude to all for their support in this event.