Anti Tobacco Day

“We have got to quit smoking today! Now!”

“Nah, we can have a last smoke, can’t we?”

Procrastination may seem like a minor, insignificant issue to all of us. But, for smokers, it can result in their death.This is not a trivial matter that can be easily overlooked.It is necessary that we spread awareness about this issue, beginning with ourselves. Thus, we the students of grade ten, put up an assembly on Anti Tobacco Day on 10 th June to educate ourselves and each other on the ill effects of tobacco and to urge people to quit smoking right away.

Each class took turns to present their thoughts and opinions on the use of tobacco products in their own unique ways. First up, we had 10 'A'. The students sang a beautiful rendition on the negatives of smoking and spread a wonderful message. Keeping up with the high spirits of the song, we had 10 'B' take a pledge to always ensure that they keep themselves and their loved ones healthy and safe and away from the ill effects of smoking.

They were then followed by 10 'C' who portrayed the conflicts in a smokers mind between the angel and demon present in the smokers mind, each of them contradicting the other. At the end , we had the students of 10 'D' educate us on the intriguing origin story of tobacco and how it affects a smoker’s mind. All in all, the entire assembly impressed and educated us on how harmful a tiny roll up of leaves can be, and how it can cost you your life every time you say “one last puff”.

All these presentations may have had different elements, but they all shared a common message- Quit Smoking. It’s now or never.