Primary Years Parent Orientation, 2024

The Grade 1 Parent Orientation on Saturday 1 June, 2024 and Grades 3 and 5 Orientation at National Public School on Saturady, 8 June, 2024 were meticulously planned events aimed at welcoming parents into the vibrant educational community and acquainting them with the rules, policies and expectations of the institution. The day commenced with a captivating journey through the school’s rich history, showcasing its commitment to excellence in education. Following the Principal's address, the coordinators outlined the monthly review pattern to keep the parents informed and engaged with their child's progress throughout the school year. Grade 5 parents were informed about a significant change in the review which involves the introduction of a semester review at the end of each term. Parents were provided with a glimpse into both the academic journey and the array of extracurricular activities offered by the school. The class teachers were introduced to the parents, allowing them to meet and get to know the teachers who will be guiding and supporting their children throughout the school year.

The Q&A session provided an invaluable opportunity for parents to seek clarification on the school's rules and policies. With the Principal, Ms. Mini Jayan's insightful responses, parents left the session feeling satisfied and confident in the school's approach. The session culminated with some fantastic parenting tips by the principal, empowering parents to create a nurturing and supportive environment conducive to their child's academic success and overall well-being. In wrapping up, the program was a vibrant start to an amazing journey ahead, filled with learning, laughter and boundless opportunities for the students.