A trip to Vidhana Soudha

“I saw the Chief Minister!” “I saw the Minister of Higher Education!” – these were some of the reactions during our Grade 10 educational trip to Vidhana Soudha. As we neared the imposing building around 10 AM, we noticed that the roads and footpaths were wide and clear. There were groups of people from all over the state, waiting to get their work done. On entering the portals, we were met with a parliamentary guide who briefed us about the history and structure of the building. We were then ushered in by the Marshals to the second floor, which we reached after strict security clearance. As we entered the Assembly Hall, we expected to see unruly, heated discussions among the politicians, as seen on TV; but we were wrong. The Assembly was quiet and the proceedings were going on in an orderly manner. We were then taken to meet the Minister of Higher Education, Hon. G T Devegowda, with whom we had a brief Q & A session. We were privileged to witness how the corridors of power function and how our government is working towards a better Karnataka.