World Music Day and International Day of Yoga

National Public School celebrated World Music Day and International Day of Yoga with a harmonious blend of musical performances and yoga demonstrations.

The program featured musical acts including solo performances, group ensembles, acoustic guitar pieces, and a grand choir comprising students from Grade 11 and 12, all performing engaging melodies that resonated with the audience.

In addition to the musical festivities, the celebration seamlessly integrated yoga demonstrations in honour of International Day of Yoga. Participants showcased intricate yoga asanas that emphasized flexibility and synchronized movements, accompanied by traditional music playing in the background. The yoga practitioners captivated the audience with their artistry and stage presence.

The conclusion of the event included a guided meditation session involving students from the entire school. Guided by a yoga instructor, students synchronized their breathing, filling the school with the soothing chants and creating a serene atmosphere.

This event successfully combined the joy of music with the tranquillity of yoga, providing a memorable experience for all.