Teachers – The Miracle Makers

You see them, meet them and interact with them every day – teachers – who bring in miracles, ordinary people who usher in the extraordinary in the lives of students! September 5 saw a special morning assembly to commemorate the birth of Dr S Radhakrishnan and to thank teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Speeches extolling the virtues and qualities of teachers in Hindi and English and songs thanking the teachers for the roles they play in students’ lives were rendered by students ranging from Grades II to Grade IX. Ms Mini Jayan, Principal – Primary School reiterated the inspiring role that teachers play and urged students to look up to them for inspiration and guidance. Ms Malathy Narayan, Principal – Senior School spurred the students to thank each and every teacher wholeheartedly, as they are mentors, counsellors and guides through the students’ time in school.