Nutrition and Healthy Eating

A talk on Nutrition and Healthy Eating Practices was arranged under the auspices of National Nutrition Week for students of Grade V on 7th September 2017.

Dr. Padmini Vijaikumar, from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Apollo Hospital, emphasized the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in a student’s life, the role of food in the development of the brain, its effect on cognitive functions and its influence on one’s mood and behaviour.

The highly interactive session on all aspects of nutrition and hygiene evoked a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the students. An awareness was created about the source of nutrients and their impact on various parts of the body. Advantages of nutritious food and disadvantages of junk food, importance of a wholesome breakfast, what to look for while reading a food label while buying food stored in containers etc. The session also included a demonstration of the seven steps of washing hands.

Colourful slides, video presentation, informative and attractive posters held the pupils' attention.