R-MUN– a show of skill, strength and spirit

NPS Rajajinagar hosted their first intra-school competition, a simulation of the Model United Nations - R-MUN 2017 on 31st July and 1st August 2017 at their school campus. 140 students from grades 9 to 12 participated in this 2-day event organized by a team of 10 highly enthused and well-researched 12th graders who formed the Executive Board (EB). Four Committees headed by very able and well researched Chairs, Vice Chairs and Moderators conducted 5 stimulating and engaging sessions over 2 days which began with a very pleasing opening ceremony and ended with a memorable awards ceremony. Appreciation Certificates, Certificates of Merit with trophies and participation certificates were received by the EB, prize winners and all the participants.

R-MUN was a successfully launched pilot project spearheaded by the Mentor Principal Ms. Sumitra Das which will pave the way for NPS Rajajinagar to host both intra as well as inter-school MUNs in the future.