World Environment Day (Grade XII)

Grade XII organized and participated in the assembly to celebrate World Environment Day (5th June 2017), the theme for this year being ‘Connecting Humans to Nature’.

The programme began with a thought provoking speech by Vikas Vasu and Chandran S on how our environment is getting degraded due to pollution and emission of poisonous gases and how we can all put in our efforts to save our species and all living organisms from destruction. This was followed by a well portrayed skit enacted to a poem composed by Aditi Ahuja – throwing light on how man is so busy caught up in the rat race that he has no time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Once he connects to this beauty , he is able to face the challenges of life in a rejuvenated state. The performance was a profound presentation of reality with a very simple but practical solution. The XII Grade Choir’s rendition of the song ”Heal The World “ by Michael Jackson in accapella style was well appreciated by the audience.

A challenging quiz was conducted to test the Eco-quotient of students of Grades VI to XI by our quiz masters which was answered enthusiastically. Handmade badges depicting the theme were distributed to all and colourful posters adorned the corridors.

Our artists-Ramya Mangala Lakshmi and Srimathangi with their magic paintbrushes, depicted the theme of the assembly through speed painting, truly a visual delight!

All in all it was an informative and eye-opening show put up by the 12th graders.