A Time To Learn, A Time To Act: R-NPSMUN 2019

An air of dignity and camaraderie was dominant as 265 well-dressed young delegates were eager to play their roles in a simulation of the Model United Nations- R-NPSMUN-2019-an intra-school MUN conference organised by NPS Rajajinagar on 3rd and 4th July 2019 on their school premises.

There were 5 Committees namely The INTERPOL, The Futuristic Security Council (FSC), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) The Council of Lahore (CoLa) and the International Press Corps (IPC)- each with challenging agendas involving thought-provoking deliberations and arbitrations over the 2 days. The delegates were engaged in passionate debates, negotiations, charting out directives, resolutions and defending their stance as diplomats with responsible portfolios to live up to. The Press were at their best covering mind boggling crises and grilling the delegates’ knowledge about anything and everything related to current affairs.

The Executive Board comprising all 12th Graders, played their roles with panache. The Secretary General- Srijan Chakroborty, The Heads of Tech, The Logistics Team, the Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Rapporteurs of each of the committees along with the faculty members of the MUN Club and the Events Committee , worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure the smooth functioning of this mega event.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by the Mentor Principal and Principals of the Secondary and Primary School. The Principal- Ms Malathy Narayan’s inspiring words enthused the audience and they were all charged to participate in the conference.

The competition was intense and selecting the winners was a challenging task. The Awards Ceremony announced the Best, Outstanding and Commendable Delegates along with the Best First Timers from each committee as well as the Best Position Papers and some Special Mentions too.

This 2 day amazing simulation of the United Nations was a great platform for learning diplomacy, honing oratory skills and getting connected with world affairs. A truly intellectually stimulating activity indeed!! Plans are on board to organise R-NPSMUN 2020!!